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UK Metals Council

UK Metals Council is the body that represents the UK metals sector to government. It comprises business leaders from the full spectrum of the supply chain, from primary manufacturing to recycling. Its vision is that by 2030, a modern and progressive UK metals industry will be supplying high-quality, innovative and competitively priced products to a wide range of customers. It will be the principal supplier to the UK’s main manufacturers and infrastructure projects, and a leading global exporter.

To achieve this goal, representatives from across the sector are coming together to shape the industry’s future. The UK Metals Council comprises stakeholders from the full spectrum of the supply chain, from primary manufacturing to recycling.

A new strategic approach has been developed supporting a clear vision for 2030 where:

  • The UK captures the maximum value from its manufacturing, construction and infrastructure supply chains.
  • The Metals Industry is placed at the heart of any future circular economy.
  • Critical ingredients for long term success, such as skills and innovation, are embraced throughout the industry itself. 



26/09/17 - Next UK Metals Council meeting
The next UK Metals Council meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th November 2017. This is being kindly hosted by one of our Members TWI at their premises in Great Abington. For more information please contact the UK Metals Council Manager Giles Willson


22/08/17 - Metal Forum Meeting 11 September 2017
The next Metal Forum meeting will take place on 11 September 2017 at the Galvanizers Association, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.


11/05/17 - UK Metals Council Executive Summary of the response to the UK’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper.
The UK Metals Council responded to the Governments Industrial Strategy Green Paper. In addition they have issued a summary of their response.