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Circular Economy

Metals are an excellent fit with a circular economy as they are well suited for reuse, remanufacturing and are endlessly recyclable. However, capturing the full environmental benefits of metal products also requires good product design to ensure components can be easily disassembled and a supportive regulatory environment.

Proposed action one: To support the creation of a circular economy

Working with government and other sectors, the industry will support the creation of a circular economy by promoting the value of metals as a material capable of true recycling and re-use. It will advocate product design strategies that ameliorate separation and reuse or recycling.

Proposed action two: To maximise sustainability

To embed an ethos of sustainability across the sector, the UK Metals Industry will encourage the mind-set of sharing best practice, particularly amongst smaller companies.

To support the development of a sustainable circular economy, commitments sought from policymakers may include:

  • Recognising and promoting metals as a permanent material and thereby maximising their use in a future circular economy.
  • Developing a regulatory system that supports and encourages the use of responsibly produced, UK-based metals products while supporting re-use, remanufacture and recycling.
  • Pushing the Industrial Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency Roadmap to 2050 for the steel sector in 2015 and 2016, and developing it into a comprehensive action plan.

To achieve these goals, accredited circular economy standard need to be established by 2017 as a key driver for materials efficiency across the product lifecycle. The proposal for a 2050 low carbon roadmap should be further investigated the by the end of 2016. In the absence of direct government support, this could be an independent Metals Council project for later endorsement by government.



21/12/17 - UK Metals Council meeting
The next UK Metals Council meeting will take place on Wednesday 10 January 2018 at the National Metalforming Centre in West Bromwich. Please contact the Secretariat for more details


07/12/17 - Next UK Metals Council meeting

The next UK Metals Council meeting will take place on Monday 11th Dececember 2017. This is being kindly hosted by one of our Members UK Steel at their premises in London. For more information please contact the UK Metals Council Manager Giles Willson


26/10/17 - Dieter Helm’s independent energy review
UK Metals Council welcomes this report and its potential contribution to future energy policy. Dieter Helm has confirmed what the evidence has long shown, namely that costs of UK energy are too high and need to be urgently addressed to provide relief to industrial consumers and households